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OnlySheCums: Enforcing Chastity


While his promise not to cum may be good enough for many couples, some opt to skip the reliance on a pledge all together, and resort to physical restraints and chastity belts instead.  In our opinion, such devices are for teasing fun, and not seriously practical for long-term uninterrupted wear.  Anyone who’s ever had to wear a medical brace or cast of any kind will tell you, no matter how well they are custom fit, they always have hot spots of soreness, and chastity belts are no exception.    Pressure points will create pressure sores, and urologists also agree that restraining the penis from engorging to its erect state for extended periods of time will cause damage to the erectile tissues.  But for short periods of chastity, there’s nothing more definitive than that  palpable “click” of a lock.

I mentioned this to my wife once, how I’ve read that long term wearing of chastity devices can damage the penis. She told me “That’s your fucking problem. The cage stays on, bitch.” That’s my Belladonna, always sensitive and concerned about me.